Just had the time of my life delivering the keynote speech at the 2014 Upstate 8 literary festival.


When I first started seriously pursuing screenwriting, I wrote a TROMA script that was essentially Monster Squad but instead of Universal Monsters causing hell, it was TROMA monsters.

I sent the TROMA offices the script and never heard anything back.  I didn’t really expect to but it still bummed me out. 

Since then I’ve gone on to write award winning feature films and have sold and optioned more than a share of my scripts.

This week on Reddit, a podcaster was trying to gather questions for his Lloyd Kaufman interview, so I asked him to mention my script.  There was a lot of support for the idea as shown in the attached image.  It’s a cool idea, a love letter to TROMA, and written by a superfan who went legit but would still love nothing more than for TROMA to make this movie.

Lloyd, give me a call!*  Let’s make some art!

*or E-mail me.  DaleZawada@gmail.com


I love wrestling and stand-up comedy.


A LOT of new ways to check out A BIG LOVE STORY.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day!


This stand-up show is going to be ridiculous.  Hope to see you all there!


Teaser from Ep 163 of Sad Clown Radio.

2013 Packers

Playoff Game vs 49ers:

The defense did a hell of a job considering they’re coached by past-his-prime defensive coordinator Dom Capers.  They made stops, got a takeaway, and kept the offense in it.  For the first time since probably 2010, the defense did their part.

Of course with a 20-20 game with 5 minutes left, we relied on that same Dom Capers’ defense, and when you rely on the Dom Capers defense to win the game, you’re going to have a bad time.

I have been “anti” Dom Capers for years but I’m not going to continue to bash him.  I think he’s been bad since 2010 and the proof is on the field every Sunday. 

If Kevin Greene isn’t the defensive coordinator for the 2014\2015 season, I am going to be very upset with GM Ted Thompson, who also needs to shore up this defense.  Dom Capers may be awful (and he is) but when you’re working with Jarrett Bush, Morgan Burnett, Micah Hyde, Brad Jones, and Davon House, your job is hard to do. 

Unfortunately it’s not as easy as going “oh, well the players are bad so it’s NOT the DC’s fault.”  The defense has been bad for years, even when we fielded an elite squad of defensive players.

Dom Capers needs to go.  This is my personal opinion. 

We should also play Eddie Lacy more to his strengths.

We drafted Eddie Lacy, and after an iffy concussion-halted start to the season, he did what he does.  The kid is good, except when we run pitch\toss\delays.  You’d think if those weren’t working we just wouldn’t run those plays but you’d be wrong.  I don’t know what McCarthy was doing with those plays.  Someone show me the stats on Lacy’s pitch\toss\delay plays and I guarantee you they’re nowhere near his handoff stats.

Replace Dom Capers.  Fire him.  Please.   I don’t want to go another year of terrible defensive play and getting stupid tweets from GB fans for “not supporting the team” because I think Dom Capers is awful.  He’s awful.  How many years do we have to go through this?

Promote Kevin Greene to DC.  It’s right there. He’s ready for the job.  The players love him.  There is NO reason to NOT do this.

Address LB\DB issues.  Our linebackers and defensive backs suck.  A LOT.  Morgan Burnett is not an NFL caliber safety.  He’s just not.  Micah Hyde might be a great bench guy but is nowhere near a starter.  Same with Davon House.  Brad Jones should also be special teams at most.  I know INJURIES are the reason a lot of these guys started but now we know, they ain’t the answer.  Address it.

Shawn Slocum.  Packers fans have been calling for his job for years, much longer than I’ve called for Dom’s.  Slocum’s special teams unit continues to be bottom 10 year after year.  We get tricked every year on special teams via trick play, and our coverage and returns continue to be abysmal.  How does he still have a job?  If you have the answer, e-mail me at DaleZawada@gmail.com.

Offensively, the only weakness I truly see is tight end.  If Jermichael Finley goes down (Spoilers: he will) we are screwed.  How many times does THIS need to happen as well?  This was NOT the first time we’ve had to deal with this.

The offensive line continues to improve, address it if possible but it’s nowhere near as bad as it has been. 

Final thoughts on 2013\2014 Season:

Ted Thompson has work to do this offseason.  Defensive coordinator, LB\DB, and ST coordinator need to be addressed big time.  If another year goes by where Dom and Shawn return, we can expect another early playoff exit.

The Green Bay Packers are still a good team, and only a few moves away from fixing the few problems they have.  It just comes down to the men in power making the decisions to address these issues. 

I think the Packers will be in the playoff hunt in 2014\2015.  Of course they will.  No injuries can keep them out of the playoffs, this year proved that.  Next year’s team can only be better than this 2013 unit, if only because we’d likely be healthier and have a stronger squad to bring on game days.

So now it’s time let the anger\sadness that comes with a playoff loss fade away, a day at a time.  It’s like drug addiction in that way.  But that’s how football is.



Potter was bought as snake food but day after day he avoided death. Now he lives in my snake free apartment. He’s the boy who lived.


A funny/sad story from my podcast SAD CLOWN RADIO.

Bloodlines festvial campaign!

I wrote this short film which was produced earlier this year.  It has some amazing acting in it and is an entertaining as hell story.  Right now the producers are going the Indie Go Go route to get money for festivals (I know that game) so please help them\us out!