One of my favorite parts of pre-writing. #scriptchat


Talking with a detective for a script I’m working on. Research is key for accuracy, logic, believability, and gaining new subplots and angles for your story you might not have previously known about. #scriptchat


Bad News: Had to remove THE FRIEND ZONE from my Available Screenplays page today.

Good News: Because I sold it to a young Canadian filmmaker who loved the script and is intent on making it the best film he can!

I wish them all the luck and hope my list of available screenplays continues to shrink.  :)


June reading list. So far all of these are pretty good reads.


I spent the weekend at C2E2 in Chicago having fun, networking, buying comics, and spreading the good word of Sad Clown Radio!


Just had the time of my life delivering the keynote speech at the 2014 Upstate 8 literary festival.


When I first started seriously pursuing screenwriting, I wrote a TROMA script that was essentially Monster Squad but instead of Universal Monsters causing hell, it was TROMA monsters.

I sent the TROMA offices the script and never heard anything back.  I didn’t really expect to but it still bummed me out. 

Since then I’ve gone on to write award winning feature films and have sold and optioned more than a share of my scripts.

This week on Reddit, a podcaster was trying to gather questions for his Lloyd Kaufman interview, so I asked him to mention my script.  There was a lot of support for the idea as shown in the attached image.  It’s a cool idea, a love letter to TROMA, and written by a superfan who went legit but would still love nothing more than for TROMA to make this movie.

Lloyd, give me a call!*  Let’s make some art!

*or E-mail me.


I love wrestling and stand-up comedy.


A LOT of new ways to check out A BIG LOVE STORY.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day!


This stand-up show is going to be ridiculous.  Hope to see you all there!